Meet our team


Ana had her first experience with Tarot Reading after she saw the movie “The Red Violin.” The movie so moved her, she felt deep down inside that she was as gifted as the Tarot Reader in the film. She began to give readings to her friends and family and her reputation grew quickly. She is known to be gentle, compassionate and most of all, objective. Also, while she is highly capable of casting all types of spells, she specializes on our wellness spells.


Anton comes from a long line of psychics. He knew that he had the gift since he was about 8 years old when his Grandfather showed him how to use his powers. He practiced with him every week and soon was able to confidently cast spells all by himself. According to Numerology, his life number is “8” which is one of the most financially-oriented numbers. Because of this, he is really successful when he casts a spell concerning money. When he gives a Tarot reading, if he sees money in your future, he will tell you even if it wasn’t part of your original question. We are lucky to have someone as skillful and talented as Anton on our team.


Evalynn has chosen to work for us just part time, but she is always on call. If you select her for your pet spells, you will never be disappointed because she is the best! When she is not working for Global Psychic Stars, she volunteers at her local ASPCA and breeds Bichon Frieses and Cocker Spaniels. Evalynn is still in the learning stages of Tarot Readings and whenever she gives a reading, she always has one of the other team members help her with the interpretations. She is promising to be a fantastic Tarot reader.


Lilith came to us from South Africa where she was the Healer and Diviner (Sangoma) in her local village. True to her culture and beliefs, she always plays a drum and sometimes even dances while casting a spell. She also has the gift of Second Sight and is therefore a gifted Tarot reader.


L.J. is the son of Anton (who is another outstanding member of our team). While growing up, L.J. was trained in casting spells by his father and grandfather and was quite successful at it, but as he reached his early adulthood, he realized that he much preferred to read Tarot Cards to help guide people towards the right path. His intuition is a gift which paves the way for his clients to change their path if they don’t like what the reading has revealed.


Millie says she has been successfully reading Tarot cards and casting spells for others since she gave birth to her first child. It was a long labor and a difficult childbirth and the midwife told her she almost lost her life and the life of her child. The experience immediately changed her from a quiet, shy girl into a confident and intuitive woman who had the gift of second sight. For many decades Millie has shared her psychic abilities with people from all over the world.


Shalini was born to a poor family in a rural area in the small Indian state of Goa. Her family valued education and worked tirelessly to send her to school where she learned English. Even though her parents arranged a marriage for her with someone she didn’t even know, Shalini cast a spell and they changed their minds. She met and ultimately married the love of her life and came to America with him in 2015. She is our most popular Spell Caster for all matters concerning love. When reading someone’s Tarot cards, she uses her psychic powers and intuition to fully guide you as your walk your path in life.


Siobhan is our youngest Tarot reader and spell caster but she is quickly gaining an international reputation for her positive Tarot readings and prophecy. She has a natural gift for all things psychic. It all started when she use to babysit for a neighbor who had a large collection of books about occult subjects and she found herself especially interested in Tarot reading and magic. Whenever she babysat and the kids were asleep, she would open a book and immerse herself in it. Later on, she met one of the authors and apprenticed under her. Not only is she now a gifted Tarot reader, she is extremely skilled at casting spells.


Tess has been on our Team for many years. She grew up in New Orleans and has been told that she is descended from Marie Laveau, the most famous Voodoo Queen. Not only does she cast spells to cure ailments and grant desires, she is especially adept at destroying one’s enemies. But, she is not one-sided in her talents. She has read Tarot cards since she was in her teens, and is currently passing on all her skills to her twin daughters.