Our 7 Point Guarantee

  • We guarantee that you will receive a personal message from your Spell Caster or Tarot Reader within 5 hours (except for email or internet crashes).
  • We guarantee that all information entered at this web site is held in strict confidence.
  • We guarantee that we will never sell or give away any personal information.
  • We guarantee that we will never re-use your credit information. We do not save any credit card information ever. If we need to discuss a credit purchase issue with you, your bank will give us the last 4 digits of your card number to make certain we are discussing the right account.
  • We guarantee that there will be no hidden charges
  • We guarantee that membership will never be required for the Tarot Reading or Spell Casting website.
  • We guarantee that we will not tell your recipient anything about this spell except when you are the recipient.